Baby ballet (age 3 - 4)

Children's choreography from 3 years

Children's choreography is a lack of all complexes. It is a high time to send your child to our school! Unrestrained energy of the child will be used on formation of the personality from the earliest age. Lessons of dances for children serve as excellent prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal device, train a vestibular mechanism and muscle memory.

Natural motive reaction to music is peculiar to any child. At sensitive professional maintenance, spontaneous activity of the child becomes creative, finds the course where at your child begins is comprehended to develop style, artistic skills, beautiful manners. In a basis of the program the task of formation of high esthetic taste of children and strengthening of their physical state is set.

Children's choreography is a training in bases of dancing movements at children, technology of physical and psychological development.

Purpose: to teach the child to feel the body, to express feelings by means of movements; to help the child to become less held down and constraining.

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