Folk dance

Character dances are scenic interpretation of national dancing folklore. National and scenic dance develops at children coordination of movements, expressiveness, acting skills, sense of style, various shades of national color, manifestation of temperament, development of dancing equipment. Thus the main task of the teacher is disclosure and development of creative identity of each child.


National dance is history and culture of our and many other countries of the world, and also an incredible source of positive energy! Motley suits and the incendiary movements — it that does not leave indifferent neither the viewer, nor the dancer! Besides, during dance children learn to love and respect native culture and cultures of the countries of the world!

This discipline is suitable both for boys, and for girls. Thanks to occupations at children the muscular framework and turnout of foot is formed, the cardiorespiratory system trains, the accuracy of movements and rhythmics, expressiveness, grace and theatrical skill develops.


At school of children professionally train classical and national-scenic dance, create conditions for deep studying of the theory and practice of national choreography.


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