Belly Dance

Oriental dance is unconditional, figurative art. They give beauty, vital forces and fine opportunity to keep health. This dance shows that the woman can be beautiful in that physical body which she has, at ability to operate it. Not for nothing east wisdom claims that there are only three things at which it is possible to look infinitely: the star sky, the flaring fire and the dancing woman.

Besides that oriental dances are esthetically very beautiful, they are the most effective remedy of maintenance of harmonious forms and health. Healthy joints and elastic muscles will make your bearing majestic, and gait – graceful. This unusual and very fascinating program is followed by specially picked up music which will allow you to profit not only, but also pleasure from occupations. Lessons of oriental dances are important for the woman also in the psychological plan. Belly dance allows to be liberated, express as much as possible itself, the relation to life in language of movements and gestures. To be in dance is means to live, find a joyful and happy state.

Harmoniously combines oriental dances a little, apparently, difficult connected states: the bright, fiery sharp movements by hips are replaced by the smooth, fluid plastic elements executed easily and playfully. Belly dance – naturalness: in life any tension is replaced by relaxation, energy return – its following set.


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