Ballet for children

The classical ballet it is not a simple dance, it is a way of life, special category of feelings. Any of the existing types of dances does not demand such devotion and such work as ballet art, at the same time any does not take such high place in consciousness of people and in cultural hierarchy too.


In this dancing art as in any the friend the beauty and perfection of a form are inseparably linked with beauty of the internal contents dancing. To learn to do graceful Pas, it is not enough. The child has to grow every day as the personality. Without ability to deep perception of music and sense of each movement it will never turn out neither the real image, nor dance. In this unity external and internal that is also imprisoned the unique force of impact of the classical ballet on the audience".


To give to the child start for the rest of life, to lay the foundation for all-round harmonious development and the correct formation of a body, to develop flexibility, plasticity and coordination, a correct posture, musicality and good manners, to liberate and creatively to enrich the little person. To teach him to work on itself and to overcome difficulties! Here that reach ballet lessons for children at our school.



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